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Etsy Not So Ezy

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

I was all determined to hop, skip and jump into setting up my Etsy store this week and have been punched in the face with the realisation that it isn’t so simple. Well, I guess it is easy if thousands of people have managed to do it before me, but there are lots of little bits and pieces you have to do before it all starts happening. PayPal and its RIDICULOUS UGLY and AWFUL TO USE website is my main complaint at the moment. In order to sell something on Etsy, it is best if I have a PayPal account. Thanks to Etsy (not PayPal because I don’t know how you’re supposed to find any sort of information on that site), I have learnt I need a Business or Premier account in order to be able to sell items via credit card payments. On the side of all of this, I need to work out postage which means I need to send things through Australia Post’s overpriced mailing system. At least it isn’t Canadian Post, I guess.

So here’s my problem – I have a sock creature. It is worth $X. In order to put it on Etsy it will cost me 20¢ which I’m not so concerned about and am quite happy to pay. If I then sell the sock creature, Etsy will take 3.5% of $X. PayPal will take 2.something% of $X. Then the poor person who was getting a reasonably priced, totally awesome sock creature needs to fork out $20-odd to get it sent to them. And that was just my experimental “What if I sent it to the only postcode I know thanks to TV shows telling me to send my letters to PO Box 123, Richmond Victoria, 3121?”

It’s all a bit crazy and I think I need to stop and think about this for a second. I guess this just shows how little people must be making when they sell their products in shops or online. How can people make a living?


Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Watch people buy books at the Book Depository’s live view. I’m one of those people who will look at your bookshelf if you invite me into your house, so I could sit and watch what books people are buying for hours… And yes, I did just buy a Stephen Fry autobiography and Yann Martel’s latest book. HOORAY!

Must Develop Self Control

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

So I clearly am addicted to online shopping. I must now admit to a very off-the-cuff purchase I made simply because I saw a bargain. Yes, I have now official purchased a Catch of the Day and I’m not entirely sure why…

Catch of the day

It was a bargain!

I have never previously bought sunglasses without trying them on first, but when a pair of $49 glasses are on sale for $14 and they don’t have any branding OR bling on them, how could I say no?


Do they suit me?

They’re a bit plasticy and I can see why my current sunglasses cost about 15 times as much, but what a deal!

P.S. Catch of the Day currently has a Catchathon with over 200 products on sale. I dare you…

It’s Christmas in July

Monday, July 12th, 2010

I think my neighbours must think my family runs a drug lab or we’re involved in some sort of suspicious international scam due to the number of white delivery vans that come to my house. We are active ‘online purchasers’ so we receive deliveries almost every day. Today was my turn and boy, did I do well!

Last Sunday night I became a little bit excited when my brother introduced me to The Book Depository, a UK based book shop that ships internationally FOR FREE. That’s right, free. Zilch. Zip. Zero dollars. To make this deal even more delicious, the books themselves are SO CHEAP that you’ll just scream with delight every time you click “Add to basket”. Let’s just say, I went a little click-happy and purchased ten books, seven of which have already arrived! I ordered on 4 July, received three on 9 July, another four today (12 July) and I’m reasonably certain the next three will arrive very soon, all the way from the UK! This is beyond amazing considering I wanted to punch Borders after they declared their Australian online store open, announced free delivery but then you have to wait 3 weeks for the book to arrive because for some reason it comes from Germany. As a show of my gratitude I am telling everyone to go there. So, GO THERE. NOW. CLICK HERE.


Presents for myself from me!

Meanwhile, one of my purchases was a vegetarian cookbook called Plenty written by a chef called Yotam Ottolenghi. I cannot wait to cook some of the recipes! They are quite simple, don’t use ridiculous, inaccessible products and look absolutely delicious. And while I’d never give up eating meat, I am a vegetable freak and I’d happily live on these recipes for the rest of my life. Well… you know what I mean.


Yum num num...

I love looking in cookbooks and this is no exception. It has beautiful images and some fabulous illustrations of vegetables dividing each section of the book. I often look through cookbooks and get nervous by the lists of ingredients or that one ingredient that I have never even heard of. There are a few of those in here – does anyone know what ‘kohlrabi’ is?? – but overall the recipes seem doable. There are so many I want to make including baked eggplants with a buttermilk and yoghurt filling, broccoli and gorgonzola pie, a vegetarian vietnamese pancake and a potato and tomato pie. To top things off, I learnt a new word!


It almost says Jessicas. But it is a genus of the mustard plants and includes cabbage, brussels sprouts and broccoli. I had no idea. Now I do. A worthwhile purchase. Meanwhile, apparently broccoli was first used over 2000 years ago in Italy. Wow. I knew those Italians were clever people.


Made in Italy.