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Holiday Snaps

Saturday, January 7th, 2012

For anyone interested in seeing where I went and what I ate over Christmas and New Years, you can see my holiday photos on my Flickr site. Highlights include movies of crazy Dutch fireworks, a hill in Holland, and a GIANT spring roll.

Look! Photos!

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

I have spent the past two days uploading photos from my trip to Portugal on to my Flickr site. I could have been eating pastries; visiting the Mona Lisa; or staring out the window at the grey skies and falling leaves, but no. I was spending my time uploading photos so that you, lovely people, could look at them and feel a sense of involvement in my travels. Aren’t I generous? Now go and look at them.

Poet Fountain sign

Just a taste of the great photographs that await you...

What’s Been Happening?

Saturday, September 24th, 2011
Jess knitting

I've been busy knitting.

Grave apologies, friends. I know I have been terrible with my updates but I have been a little bit busy. When one is faced with the conundrum of sitting at home and writing, or finding new shops and art galleries in New York, one generally chooses the latter option. Of course I will now sit at home in Paris and tell you all about my latest adventures except I realise I have seen too much and done too many things. There is so much to tell you. So Step One involves you looking at my photographs that I have finally finished uploading on my Flickr site. Step Two involves me choosing specific things to tell you about, highlights of my past three or so weeks. So if we’re all willing to play our part we will catch up and be reunited in all that has happened in the World of Jess. Exciting times.

What is less exciting is that this morning I finally sat down and researched visas for next year and what I need to do to avoid being sent home. The results weren’t good. Apparently I can only be in the “Schengen Zone” (an invisible, make-believe area of land that was invented by nincompoops just to upset me) for 90 days every six months. That is RID-IC-U-LOUS. Sooo the idea of country hopping has been crossed off the list. I can’t renew my visa, so that isn’t an option. Problem is that I also don’t want to leave France. So we are faced with a bit of a problem. Looks like I might be going home at the end of January as the stupid French government wants me to and then I will fly to Sydney to get myself a “Long Stay Visa”. It is all just a ridiculously expensive way for them to give me another piece of paper. Problem is that I don’t really know who to talk to in France to ask questions like “Do I really need to leave France?” and “Can’t you just give me the piece of paper here?”. If anyone knows, please tell me.

Anyway, go and look at my photos and I’ll start writing things. See you soon.

Jess and Yannick

I've been busy hanging out with hippy ex-tennis players who now sing

We’re Back!

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

You’ll be overwhelmed to hear that we are back in Paris after a few days away in the north west of France. I will write a more detailed account soon and am about to go and upload all of my 600+ photos onto my Flickr site. Tom spent three of our five days lying in bed dying from the flu (I must admit he was sick… he certainly kept (keeps) me awake at night with his coughing) which wasn’t so great but I managed to enjoy myself!

Anyway just wanted to write a quick ‘Hello!’ and to say that I had my first French lesson this morning. I have to say it was a bit disappointing and frustrating. The level of French in my class varies significantly and some people don’t seem to actually want to be there. Lots of people sat and chatted to one another (or across the classroom) and we spent five whole minutes talking about how if you change the first letter in the word ‘vite’ then the meaning changes from ‘quick’ to a very rude word for female genitalia. Sure, amusing at first, but can we move on and learn something now?

I’m hoping it gets better. I learnt a few small things but I’m not sure I am going to become fluent as a result of these classes. Pity. Maybe I’ll make some friends but everyone already seems to have their ‘group’. We shall see.

Ok, off to Flickr.


Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

In case you are interested, there are lots of new photos on my flickr site for your viewing pleasure, including photos of buttons that I found lying on the ground.


Free sock creature eyes!

Photos Galore

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Bored? Want to see more photos of what Tom and I are currently eating? We’re both uploading to our flickr sites so off you go to:

Jess’s Flickr Site

Tom’s Flickr Site (currently experiencing technical problems but please check back soon)