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A Parcel in the Post

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

This morning a mixture of disrupted sleep, general grumpiness, a touch of homesickness, and an extreme lack of desire to go to work meant that I was sitting on my couch at 10.45am hoping coffee and a dark chocolate digestive would bring me out of my funk. It wasn’t working. Then out of nowhere, completely unexpectedly, catching me off guard and unaware, came the piercing shriek of the door buzzer and the postman announcing he had a package for me that was too big to fit in my letter box. But my recent stingy spending habits have meant that I haven’t ordered anything online for months. This could only mean one thing – SURPRISE PARCEL ALERT!

I ran downstairs, made small chat with the friendly postman (he didn’t look anything like Postman Pat weirdly) and then dashed back to my apartment and coffee. The handwriting was clearly that of my best friend, Gill, and her request for my address around the time of my birthday meant only one thing – SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PRESENT!

Birthday present

It’s a present!

And wow. What a present. Inside was a card with tear-inducing words and two pieces of Dinosaur Designs brilliance. Not only were they beautiful and from my favourite Australian jewellery designers, they fit my hand and wrist perfectly and they complimented the jewellery and outfit that I was already wearing that day. Gillian is a GENIUS. Or she just knows me well.

Dinosaur design jewellery

Oh it’s lovely.

Perhaps it is bad that I need to receive amazing gifts in the mail to be reminded of this, but every now and then I become aware of how lucky I am to have friends and family members all over the world who continue to think and care about me despite my nomadic lifestyle. Sometimes the distances seem immeasurably far and I dream of the day when teleporters become available and I can simply transport myself to the other side of the world for a hug. But that’s not how life works and they are still working on that technology. But it has reminded me of how important it is to make small gestures to tell people that you love them and are thinking about them. So on that soppy note – thank you, Gill, for knowing me so well, and for bringing me out of today’s funk. I am wearing my new bangle and ring with the necklace my mum surprised me with when I was living in Paris. Three items of “I am thinking about you.” I’m smiling now.

Growing Up

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

As a kid, I suffered from terrible growing pains. The backs of my knees would ache and throb and at the time it seemed like the worst possible pain to have to endure. As a result, I have very long legs, but I have also come to realise that maybe my thirteen-year-old-self had it good. It turns out growing up also involves sharp stabbing pains in the heart, brain, back, stomach, etc etc…

In four days’ time it will be my birthday and I will move even further away from being “in my early 20s”. I think I will continue to claim “mid-20s” for another year but after that it is definitely “late”. Those of you who know me well will be aware of my obsession with my birthday. I live for this day, and every year as it comes along I become increasingly more and more excited as I count down towards the BIG DAY. I always try and make the day as special and cake-filled as possible; I am allowed to do whatever I want and, more importantly, eat whatever I want on my birthday. And the same rules apply for everyone else in the world on their birthday. It is the one day of the year where you can feel important and alive enough to drown yourself in chocolate cake. Hoorah!

This year, however, my birthday has managed to sneak up on me and I am currently experiencing a sensation that I have never felt before. I am not looking forward to it. Sure, I am pleased that my parents will be in town (especially seeing as ALL of my friends are leaving and going on holidays) and my mum’s cousin will be in Paris from Holland on the day, but it just doesn’t seem right. I always say that as long as there is good cake I am happy, but this year I am questioning this logic.

I think it boils down to the fact that I am scared about next year. I have been doing a lot of ‘thinking’ about ‘stuff’ lately and my plans for the future have played a significant role. Bad, bad move considering I have no idea what I am doing on a daily basis, let alone in a year’s time. So maybe it is time to stop worrying about what I am going to be doing then and focus on what I am doing now.

In four days time, I will turn 27 as a single, relatively young, Australian living in a 13th-century ex-convent building in the middle of Paris. I have great friends and a wonderful family. I am the fittest and slimmest I have ever been in my entire life and my thighs are no longer thunder-esque, they’re more just sturdy posts. I am working on creating myself a life that I love, rather than one that pays the bills and is satisfactory. I was in Italy last week, I am going to England and Poland in October and who knows where I’m going to be for Christmas. Today I am having lunch with 0ne friend and dinner with another. Last night I finally cooked myself a real dinner after three months of living on vegetable quinoa.

I wouldn’t normally spill these sorts of beans in such a public forum but I felt that I needed and wanted to. While I might be getting older, my internal wisdom says that that doesn’t mean I need to ‘become serious’ and ‘settle down’ and ‘get a real job’ because that will just reverse everything that I have done and achieved in the past few years. Instead it is about moving forward and continuing on this journey and seeing where it takes me. And I wanted a bit of an emotional rollercoaster so that when I eventually write my “My Life in Paris” book it is actually interesting. This is turning into a best seller.

Monsieur Chien

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

I can finally reveal my latest linoprint that I created for my friend Chuck. Chuck is a small, flat-faced, wobbly-bottomed dog lover (that is a description of the dogs, not Chuck) and so for his birthday I made him this:

Pug lino print

Le Vie de Chien

I am very pleased with the final print and used my new press that I made with Dad when I was home in Perth a few weeks ago. It made for a nice even pressure and the final image turned out well. I have three more copies in black from this print run if anyone wants to buy one. I’ll be making them available on my Etsy site soon, or just contact me.