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Published Again!

Saturday, August 10th, 2013

About six months ago, I responded to a call out from Chronicle Books to submit Instagram photographs for a book they were publishing. I didn’t expect anything from it but decided to take the “Be in it to win it” attitude. I hadn’t received any sort of confirmation from the publishers so presumed I hadn’t been accepted.

At the time of submission, I was about to move from Paris to Manchester and had no fixed address so I gave them my brother’s bakery address. So neither of us were really expecting a parcel addressed to me to arrive at his shop. Inside the mysterious package were two copies of This Is Happening, featuring one of my photographs.

Now I'm a published photographer!

Now I’m a published photographer!

I am particularly thrilled to have my photograph printed in a book produced by one of my favourite publishing companies. Now I wonder if they would like my book about Paris…

Work Stuff

Monday, May 16th, 2011

I am quite pleased to discover that some of my words have finally been published. Last year I worked for UWA Business School (which ended up not only providing me with work, entertainment, human contact and intellectual stimulation, but also the opportunity to stay at Les Récollets in Paris) working on some promotional documents for their new 2012 courses. It was a long and sometimes frustrating experience but it appears to have paid off as they have produced one of the final brochures using most of my words! Nice to know Zaum is still making some sort of impact. I need to start doing more writing. My brain is turning into mush and all I think about is my next meal. Breakfast…