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Time is Flying

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

I can’t believe it is August already. Where is this year going? Summer has finally arrived in Paris as all of the Parisians head south to the beach. The city is gloriously quiet, except for the throngs of tourists who have descended. And Becky and my vegetable garden is doing amazing things – every day I pick a handful of tomatoes and now every time I look out of my window and down at the garden, this flower smiles back up at me.


Big. Red. Beautiful.

Spontaneous Ice Cream

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

I finished my second linocut today and took it for a test print.

Ice cream linograph

First you take the lino


Then you add some paint.

Ice cream print

Et voilà!

I am still working on my paint levels and pressure adding skills but I am pleased with the image. I think it looks delicious…

Who is that Guy?

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

There’s a new sock creature in town but no one really knows who he is.

That guy sock creature

Hello, Sir.

He is one of those mysterious types – people are saying he is either an undercover agent working for some secret governmental department (or the tax office) or he is Spanish. His moustache would suggest the latter but no Spaniards are that tall. Have you seen his legs?

That guy sock creature

He's really tall for a Spanish person.

There is also the question of the remarkably spiky hair that descends down his back. Rumours are spreading that maybe he comes from some sort of demonic land and has come to influence innocent children, encouraging them to join his cult, but the fact is he doesn’t talk to anyone. Not a soul. No one even really knows if he can speak, and if he does, what language. Maybe, they say, he doesn’t have a tongue.

That guy hairy back

You can't blame a guy for having a hairy back, but this is just strange.

Everyone refers to him as either, “That Guy”, “The Red One” or “Alf” as they figure he’s from another planet. He doesn’t seem to be as friendly and outgoing as the real Alf, which is really quite disappointing. All That Guy does is walk into the pub staring with his blank-eyed-look at no one in particular, and then he points at the bottles of Coke lining the fridge. He sits at the bar, sipping slowly through a straw, occasionally turning to look at who has just walked through the door. Once he has finished his drink he will order another, and then a third, a fourth, until the sun goes down, everyone heads home and the pub closes. He will then place the exact change on the counter, slide from his chair and leave.

That guy moustache

He sure does stare a lot.

No one knows where he lives. Once some of the neighbourhood kids tried to follow him home, but they lost sight of him when he disappeared into the woods. Some people say he gets sucked up into an alien spaceship and they claim to have seen bright lights shining over the deepest, darkest part of the woods at night time. Others say he climbs down a hole into the depths of the underworld, while others insist they have seen him walking past their windows in the early hours of the morning.

That guy hole in sock

He shows signs of having led a tough life – clearly life is hard where ever he is from

Normally the town’s folk wouldn’t put up with someone as strange as him hanging around, but the problem is that he is also a highly profitable tourist attraction. Bus loads of tourists roll into town every day hoping to catch a glimpse of this strange personality. The pub has never sold so much Surf ‘n’ Turf and the newsagent is making great business selling tshirts with “I Survived Seeing That Guy” and “What’s He Looking At?” printed on them.

You, too, can survive seeing That Guy – he’s on sale at my Etsy Store.

Lover, Lover, Lover…

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Saint Valentine’s Day in the city of love. I expected to see the streets filled with red roses, chocolate smeared across young girls’ faces, and endless kisses in public places. Surely the sound of violins would be wafting through every crevice of Paris, filling hearts with the sounds of romance. Surprisingly, I was wrong.

I put Valentine’s Day on my list of “Hallmark Days I Hate” along side Christmas, Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day. Valentine’s Day is definitely at the top of the list though because why should there be a specific day where you’re supposed to buy your loved one (if you’re lucky enough to have one) a tacky red or pink coloured gift and declare your love for them. Surely it should be a daily, off the cuff, sort of a thing rather than predetermined by the card description writing folk at Hallmark.

Yesterday I didn’t spend a huge amount of time wandering the streets looking for lovers (Tom and I were stuck wandering around a very large home furniture store trying to decide on whether or not to buy a sofa bed), but I can’t say I noticed an excess showcases of love. I had wanted to go to the Eiffel Tower, just so I could point and laugh, but didn’t have time so I tell myself that every Jack and Jill was there popping the question and screaming with delight. In fact, on previous days while wandering through Paris, particularly in the city’s parks and gardens, the number of public displays of love have been far greater than yesterday. It seems to be a-okay to sit on a park bench with your lover and go a bit crazy and clearly these people have been overcome by Paris’s love vibes.

Anyway, I was a tad disappointed by the lack of Valentine romance in Paris, purely because I thought it would make a good story. Instead I have to admit that I was a little bit chuffed when Tom went out in search of croissants for breakfast and returned home with one of the ugliest bunches of flowers I have ever seen. I’m not sure he took my laughter very well as he then went back out for the croissants that he had ‘forgotten’ and then came home with some beautiful tulips. Dang! He completely ruined my negative nancy viewpoint as I can’t say I had a problem with being bought flowers… I even went and bought a new vase for my tulips, and the daggy roses are feeling right at home in a used milk bottle.


Pretty tulips


My tulips in their temporary vase making the window look so pretty


Nawwww! Look! There's even a pink love heart hidden in there!

Valentine's roses

Such a pretty vase for such pretty flowers

I do, however, mind that he gave me his cold as well. Lucky I’m in France – aka land of pharmaceutical drugs where they have a tablet, spray and ointment for EVERY illness.


Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

Thanks to my brother and his MINT printing-on-material skills, I now have some brilliant Zaum tags. Soon everything will be claimed by Zaum. Check your foreheads, folks. You may soon be for sale on my website.

Zaum tags

Zaum Zaum Zaum Zaum

Zaum tags


It’s a Bird… It’s a Plane… It’s a Mix of Both!

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Chickens are awesome. They eat your left overs, they aerate your garden, they lay eggs. What more could you want from a creature apart from super-hero powers? Well look what we have here…

Super chicken

It's Super Chicken!

The coolest crime fighting chicken in history, Super Chicken has the sickest cape and the coolest mow-hawk. All the other chickens, and super heros, are jealous of his stylin’.

Super chicken

Look at those long legs!

With legs the size of tree-trunks, Super Chicken can get anywhere faster than you or any other person in the world can. You better believe it – he’s super fast. His cape helps with the speed-factor, too.

Super Chicken

A silver lining

You know a person has taste and super-hero-powers when his cape is made from red material (for speed) with a silver lining (for super powers). It also comes in handy when he goes to the disco (which he does frequently) as he can turn the cape around and it becomes an instant disco-light attractor. Nothing says DISCO FLASH! like that cape!

Super Chicken

Lookin' good from all angles

Speaking of disco-dancin’ would you look at that butt? Nothing grooves on the dance floor better than a large-bottomed Super Chicken. That red rear attracts all the ladies.

Super chicken


When he’s not at the disco he’s waiting for the next opportunity to save the world – the entire time looking as cool as a cucumber and as a hot as BURNING FLAMES. That’s the life of Super Chicken.

On sale soon!

It’s a Beautiful Thing

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Last time I really, really wanted something, I wrote about it on here, dropped enough hints and to my huge surprise and absolute delight, some wonderful people picked up the clues and gave me a red felt travel wallet for my birthday! Christmas is only 95 days away (yikes…) and I have just been introduced to Ron D. Swan, the swan in Castlemaine, Victoria who makes beautiful pannier bags. Such a clever bird.

Look at these:

Ron D. Swan bag

I can't believe a feathered creature could make such a nice bag.

Saddle bag

Look! It comes in red!

The bags clip to the side of your bike for easy storage while cycling and can then be taken off and worn as a shoulder bag. Genius! They’re made from recycled canvas so they’re also environmentally a-okay. Not exactly cheap, but they’re so beautiful!

A Few Months Too Late

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Don’t you  hate it when you buy something and then a little while later you find something even better? I’m having one of these moments right now as this morning I discovered a Melbourne based bicycle company who makes some beautiful dutch style bikes. And they come in red. While I love my Electra Amsterdam and I am completely content with my decision to buy it, it isn’t red. Those of you who know me well will understand why this is an issue for me. Everything I own is red – most of my shoes and clothes are red. My purse is red. Ninety per cent of my jewellery is red. But my bike is not. Interestingly, neither is my car. Perhaps this is a sign that my transportation does not follow my colour preferences and I am in fact capable of ‘mixing things up’. Anyway, luckily my bike is black which is my second colour choice in most things so really there isn’t an issue. But look at this:

Red Papillionaire bike

Made by Papillionaire

Don’t you just want to zoom around wearing a wonderful jacket, stockings and scarf with the wind in your hair, waving to everyone you pass? I do. Plus it is the greatest brand name ever – Papillionaire. Maybe I need two bikes…

Let’s Resin

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Exciting times in the Zaum house. I have just removed my latest resin pieces from their moulds and my attempts have been successful.

Resin pieces

Look at that resin! So resin-y and red.

As you can see from the image above, I have very well shaped stars (so pointy are those tips that I’ve already scratched myself with them), another Z, a round thing, a ball thing, 2 rings and a bangle! I had tried to experiment with colours by combining 2 different reds. It has SORT of worked but not quite how I wanted it to. Still, that’s what experiments are for!

Resin rings

Resin bling.

They all need a good sand and polish (particularly the rings which I made by creating a silicone mould of a plasticine version. The plasticine makes the surface of the final resin version very matt and I need to remove the top layer of resin to get to the shiny goodness on the inside). So that’s tomorrow’s task! At least they fit my wrinkly fingers!

Resin star

Shiny and pointy!

So a successful resin week this week. Now I just need to make them beautiful, work out what to do with them and then sell them for millions of dollars!

There’s Resin A’Brewin’

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Last Friday I made 3 new silicone moulds – 2 rings and a weird blob thing (I had excess silicone). Today I filled them with resin! Tomorrow, if all goes to plan, I will have another bangle (I filled my first mould to about half way so it will be a thinner bangle), 2 rings, 4 stars, a Z, a red round thing, and a weird blob. I’ll keep you posted! I have a feeling they will be FULL of bubbles due to the resin being too cold when I mixed it. I’m glad I don’t live somewhere where it is actually COLD. No resin fun for polar bears.

Resin activities

Not a great photo but there's not much to see yet anyway! Just wait until tomorrow! Then BOOM! Pure resin brilliance!