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Time For a Holiday

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

While it feels like Christmas was just yesterday, Easter is upon us already. Today is the day when poor Jesus was hung on a cross and as a result we get to eat hot cross buns and fish. Yum! Saturday is the waiting day where we all feel bad for Jesus and then Sunday is when the Easter Bunny found Jesus in a cave and helped him escape. Here in Western Australia we love our public holidays and so we make up a religious holiday called “Easter Monday” – clearly the day that Jesus settled in to life with his Dad. That’s something to celebrate. The day that I was uncertain of but keep seeing advertised on a sign outside Christ Church in Claremont is Maundy Thursday. Some googling was required to find out the meaning of this and it is the day that Jesus and his apostles sat down and had a big meal. Now if there is any day to celebrate, it is that one. The rule could be that you have to sit and eat food ALL DAY. No one will have time to work because we’ll be too busy eating. The supermarkets and food suppliers would LOVE IT. Imagine the range of Maundy foods they could produce! Fairy floss to represent Jesus’s beard. Giant chicken legs that you have to eat with your hands. The last supper scene cast in chocolate. The options are endless. Plus who wouldn’t want to celebrate Maundy Thursday when it has such a great name!

I conducted a dictionary search for the word “Maundy” and came up with nothing apart from its connection to the great day. However, “maunder” is a verb meaning “to talk in a rambling manner”. This does make me wonder about the conversation that was had at that table back in Jesus’s time and clearly the food was good, the wine was even better.

I would like to apologise if I have offended anyone with my somewhat blasphemous talk about Jesus. I may not be a religious person but I do think Jesus was a good bloke and the source of some very good jokes. And this song: