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Jade’s Jewels

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

This afternoon I attended a Collection Bites session at the Manchester Museum. Run once a month, these are one hour discussions about items in the museum’s collection. This month it was hosted by Jade Mellor, a jewellery designer based in Manchester who uses natural minerals and stones incorporated into resin rings, pendants and bangles. Jade is inspired by items she has seen in the museum’s collection such as asteroids and ancient stones. I randomly met Jade about a year ago while listening to a talk at the Manchester Art Gallery. She then invited me to the opening of the new space within the Manchester Museum despite only knowing me for half an hour. Jade is one of those people who is just SO NICE. She deserves an award for ‘Being genuinely lovely.”

Jade's jewellery along side the artefacts from the museum that inspired her

Jade’s jewellery along side the artefacts from the museum that inspired her

Jade’s work is just as wonderful as her personality. Her rings are my kind of jewellery – big chunky pieces that fill your fingers and could act as a weapon in desperate times. The way in which she mixes colours and natural materials is organic and seamless – she manages to make large chunks of quartz and pyrite appear naturally embedded in the resin structure. Not normally a fan of shiny things, Jade brought in samples of pyrite and I am now in love with bling. This amazing substance, also known as “Fool’s gold,” naturally forms in cubes (or cuboid crystals according to Wikipedia.). It’s amazing. During the talk we made faux pyrite by sticking gold gift-boxes together. Bee-u-de-fool.

Pyrite is awesome.

Pyrite is awesome.

I am now trying to choose which ring I want to ask Jade to make me for my birthday. Jade’s black resin rings with pyrite are currently top of my list. Yes, that’s a HINT.

Let’s Resin

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Exciting times in the Zaum house. I have just removed my latest resin pieces from their moulds and my attempts have been successful.

Resin pieces

Look at that resin! So resin-y and red.

As you can see from the image above, I have very well shaped stars (so pointy are those tips that I’ve already scratched myself with them), another Z, a round thing, a ball thing, 2 rings and a bangle! I had tried to experiment with colours by combining 2 different reds. It has SORT of worked but not quite how I wanted it to. Still, that’s what experiments are for!

Resin rings

Resin bling.

They all need a good sand and polish (particularly the rings which I made by creating a silicone mould of a plasticine version. The plasticine makes the surface of the final resin version very matt and I need to remove the top layer of resin to get to the shiny goodness on the inside). So that’s tomorrow’s task! At least they fit my wrinkly fingers!

Resin star

Shiny and pointy!

So a successful resin week this week. Now I just need to make them beautiful, work out what to do with them and then sell them for millions of dollars!

There’s Resin A’Brewin’

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Last Friday I made 3 new silicone moulds – 2 rings and a weird blob thing (I had excess silicone). Today I filled them with resin! Tomorrow, if all goes to plan, I will have another bangle (I filled my first mould to about half way so it will be a thinner bangle), 2 rings, 4 stars, a Z, a red round thing, and a weird blob. I’ll keep you posted! I have a feeling they will be FULL of bubbles due to the resin being too cold when I mixed it. I’m glad I don’t live somewhere where it is actually COLD. No resin fun for polar bears.

Resin activities

Not a great photo but there's not much to see yet anyway! Just wait until tomorrow! Then BOOM! Pure resin brilliance!

The Resinator Strikes Again!

Monday, April 12th, 2010

I did it! I made a resin bangle! And it is beautiful!!! I just took it out of the mould and I am beyond excited. It is perfectly shaped (except for the top edge that needs sanding but that’s all part of the process), a wonderful shade of red, and it worked!! My Z is also fantastic and perfectly represents Zaum. It’s even close to the Zaum colour. I am quite pleased with the results. Here you go – check them out for yourselves.

My resin bangle and letter Z

I'm one step closer to being a world-reknown resin jewellery maker! WOO!

Send it your orders. I’m currently specialising in red and one size fits all.

Good Times With Silicone

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Last week I was in a shop in Leederville and one of the sales girls was chatting to her coworkers about her approaching breast enhancement. She was feeling quite relaxed about the whole procedure as her friend had had the same procedure done and had just sat in the chair while the plastic surgeon did his work. No worries. Her boyfriend isn’t so keen on the idea but she has been struggling to wear clothes that she wants to wear because her boobs aren’t big enough and this is her decision and she doesn’t care what he thinks. Hmph. It’s amazing what you learn when minding your own business…

Speaking of silicone, I had a fiddle with silicone rubber on the weekend and I feel I have put it to much better use than breast enhancements. I made two silicone moulds – I used a bangle that I purchased once upon a time and I made a letter ‘Z’ out of plasticine. I placed each of these in some containers, mixed the very goopy silicone liquid and poured. 24 hours later… BOB’S YOUR UNCLE! Instant moulds, ready and waiting to be filled with resin.

silicone moulds

I made the box on the left myself!

This process of learning about and using resin and silicone has been very interesting and scary. You don’t want to make mistakes and waste products but the only way to learn is to actually do it. Luckily I have been having some successes.

Z mould

Out pops the plasticine Z

Today I filled each of my moulds with some red resin so hopefully tomorrow evening I will have some new resin shapes to show, one of which is a wearable bangle. Can-not-wait.

Bangle mould

There was a bangle in there, then it came out and soon another will appear!


Saturday, March 20th, 2010

After 24 hours of waiting, hoping and praying, I could finally pop my resin pieces out of the moulds. The results?

Resin pieces

Look at that brilliant red dome!

Resin shapes

So many resin shapes

It worked! AMAZING! Some have slightly soft edges where the resin hasn’t mixed properly and the translucent pieces are full of little bubbles but I will work on that. The red dome is just the most beautiful red dome to ever exist. I can’t believe it actually worked so well. I thought they’d be sticky or the colour wouldn’t settle properly – but no! I truly am the Resinator! I’d better get some new business cards printed.

Resin Trials

Friday, March 19th, 2010

Ahh Fridays… I love how it feels ok to spend a Friday doing things that are slightly less-work related. Although I claim all creative activities as work related as on my business card I have declared my job description is “Writing and stuff” and these fall under the “and stuff” section. So this morning’s activities were definitely work related and could at some stage turn into billable hours. This morning I experimented with my resin! Here are the results:

Resin experiment

It's difficult to take a photo of clear and red resin in a red silicone mould

The picture is terrible (red silicone mould + red/clear resin + bad lighting = impossible) but you may be able to see that some of the shapes have been filled with resin! I made two batches of clear resin by combining liquid resin and a hardener and then trialled three different red pigments to see how they work. It was rather fun but sticky and messy and I need to learn how to clean my measuring cups. I also need some larger pots to mix the resin in. But that’s what trials are for – to learn what you need to do next time!

Fingers crossed it all works out and tomorrow lunch time I will hopefully have some fabulous resin shapes that I can sand and buff and give to people as birthday/wedding/engagement/easter presents. Ha ha! Resin for all – you cannot escape! I just met some ex-colleagues for lunch (mmm… laksa) and one of them called me Jess the Resinator. I thought it was brilliant. She’s a writer too. Pure genius.

Meanwhile, I’d like to introduce you all to my new hero, Cindy. She has a resin website called Resin Obsession and she has taught me everything I know. You, too, can learn how to make resin jewellery! Cindy will tell you all about it…