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Second Amazing Exhibition for the Week

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Yesterday I cancelled plans at the last minute (very rude of me) to catch a train to Rouen to see an exhibition. My friends and avid exhibition visitors (they have seen EVERY exhibition in Paris in three months. They deserve medals.), Viola and Enrico, invited me to go with them to see XYZT, an exhibition by Adrien M and Claire B at Hanger 23. The week-long exhibition was closing on Sunday so it was our last opportunity to see it – and WOW.

XYZT exhibition


XYZT exhibition


Unfortunately only half of the exhibition had been brought to Rouen but what was on show was brilliant. There were four different spaces where light, projections and sound moved, changed, or created patterns through interaction with the viewer. You could walk on waves of light that created new shapes with your steps, blow into holes to make projected letters fly through the air, and watch your projected image curve into positions you never thought your could achieve without years of intense yoga.

There is also a theatre performance that sits alongside this exhibition that I would love to go and see. I think it may be going to Lyon next month so I might have to make a weekend trip to see it.

Best. Rue. Ever.

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Today I went to Rouen and discovered the best street – rue – in existence.

Rue de la Pie

Mmm... pie.

The name was the only really good thing about it, but WHAT A NAME!

More about Rouen tomorrow… For now, I go to sleep.