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Broken Soles

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

I found a pair of Camper boots in my cupboard on Friday and got excited. Black ankle boots with a wedge hill that made my chosen outfit look fantastic. I headed off to work feeling very pleased that I had rediscovered my boots.

Having ridden my bike to work and sat down in front of my computer for 15 minutes or so, I happened to look down at the floor and noticed grains of black rubber scattered over the floor around my chair. Closer inspection and previous experience brought me to the realisation that the rubber grains were pieces of the soles of my shoes.

Then the grains turned into chunks and soon I was leaving trails of black rubber throughout the office. It would appear that leaving a pair of rubber soled shoes in a cupboard for over four years will result in the rubber becoming brittle and rapidly disintegrating on impact. By lunch time, my colleague, Matt, had expertly strapped the soles of both of my shoes with black gaffer tape, purely to ensure that the soles wouldn’t fall off entirely.

Goodbye sole.

Goodbye sole.

It was a sad day. It was like showing a cute kitten to a small child in the morning and then grabbing the cat away and saying, “No kitten for you!” by the afternoon. Such a waste of perfectly lovely boots.

Turning into a Northern Girl

Saturday, June 7th, 2014

I am going to blame the sudden arrival of sunshine and warm weather for my recent brain malfunction. Today is the first day I have worn clothes that could suggest ‘Summer time’ and I am not wearing boots. I repeat; I am not wearing boots. Remarkable! So perhaps the excess interaction between my skin, oxygen and sunlight is what resulted in me entering United Footwear on Oldham Street today.

I had popped into Abakhan’s fabric store to look for crafting materials I decided to take the scenic route back to the office. This resulted in me walking past United Footwear, a shoe store whose window display I had revered on many occasions but I had never dared enter. Shoes of all shapes, sizes, colours and taste are carefully aligned in the window with how-can-they-be-that-cheap price tags along side. Something in my brain (perhaps my inner girl) decided that today would be the day that I would go inside and check out the goods on offer.

The shop extends further that I expected, with rows of shoe racks (boys on the left, girls on the right) leading you down to the back of the store. I walked down the aisles slowly, unable to believe what I was seeing. Pointy toes, stiletto heels, sparkles, spikes, straps, buckles and faux leather in every colour you could imagine. Sandals, boots, wedding shoes, dancing shoes, work shoes, and more. There was even a wall of grandma slippers and fake Dr Martin boots. Shoe prices start from £2.99 with most averaging £9. Plastic was the key ingredient and my feet started sweating just as I stood looking at the shoes. But some strange alien part of me came to the surface and encouraged me to try on a pair. Black closed-toe heels. Perfect for work, wedding and going out. Remarkably comfortable for a £7 pair of plastic shoes with heels that made me feel like I would fall over. For a brief second I contemplated purchasing these shoes to wear to one of the three weddings I am attending during the summer months. They were simple, neat and oh-so-cheap! I suddenly imagined myself buying these and more shoes from this magnificent shoe heaven. Soon I would have a shoe collection as impressive as my housemate’s, whose shoes are hidden in plastic boxes scattered around our apartment.

But my newly discovered Mancunian disappeared as quickly as she appeared, and I remembered that I can’t actually walk in high heels and I don’t like purple ankle boots with spiky silver studs. I like boring flat shoes, mostly in red, that won’t cut, destroy or blister my feet or encourage me to fall over. I’m not saying I have anything against anyone who does like and wear these shoes – to the contrary, good on them. I would just look ridiculous, stumbling down the road in shoes that I can’t walk in. And so I left without having made any purchases. Part of me is a little bit sad. Maybe I’ll go and buy a short lycra dress from Primark instead.

Shine Ye Shoes, Govna?

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Paris has a habit of covering your shoes in white dust and for some reason my shoes looked significantly worse than most other people’s shoes. Why, I don’t know. Possibly because I have never polished my shoes in my entire life, despite frowns from my Grandma. I will admit to being a spoilt brat who complains about having scuffed shoes and has a father who polishes them for her. I know, I know. Shock, horror, terrible. BUT GOOD NEWS! Yesterday I went into a Camper store (my favourite shoe brand) and bought myself a pair of shoes. The lady who sold me the shoes was brutally honest and told me I needed to clean up my act and polish my beautiful brown camper boots that I was wearing at the time. They were shocking – scuffed, dusty and the leather was drying out. So sad. I had been looking at them wishing some miracle would occur and they would be fixed. Perhaps this sales woman was my miracle – she sold me Camper boot polish which comes in a very cool tin and I have just completed my very first polish of boots. MIRACLE OF MIRACLES, my boots look brand new! So shiny. So polished. Less scuffs (some are fairly permanent) and they look like a million dollars. My Dad and my Grandma will be proud. And here is a picture of my new shoes:

Dainty yet cool.

I purchased them on a bit of a whim. I was looking for a simple summer shoe but couldn’t find anything so I bought these instead. Typical female reaction. I’m going to Madrid in three weeks so I shall go to the home of Camper and see what they have on offer.

Little Red Slippers

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

I received a parcel in the post yesterday – that is always exciting! I had ordered some House Shoes online and they had safely arrived wrapped in brown paper. I had spotted these in my free copy of Women’s Health (now there’s a useless magazine that pretends to say a lot without saying anything (much like my blog, really!)) and had been impressed by what I saw on their website.

House shoes


They are made from stretch cotton and the soles are made from landfill, so the environment loves them! To be honest I was a little disappointed with them when they arrived as they aren’t as beautiful as those on the website.

My new houseshoes

Pleasant packaging

They’re comfy if you’re not walking and mine are red so I guess that makes up for any dodgy craftsmanship. And I am currently very glad I have them as my feet are still frozen from walking on cold sand at the beach this morning. My toes AND the environment love these slippers!



If you plan on buying some, here’s a tip – I was unsure whether to get a medium or a large as the size recommendations have the cross over at a 9.5 for women, which just happens to be my shoe size. I ended up going for the medium and I’m glad I did as my feet have plenty of room to move. So less is more in the case of slipper sizing!