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A Touch of Poetry

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

I have never been a huge reader of poetry, mostly due to the overbearing nature in which poems were forced upon me at High School. Plus I often find the use of language in poetry to be over the top and trying too be more impressive than it really is. I feel I should read more poetry because that’s what literary people do but every time I try I give up quickly. Unless they are Spike Milligan nonsense poems which I can devour en masse.

So imagine my surprise and pleasure at the fact that I have just spent part of my evening curled up on my couch reading poems written by young West Australian poet, Zoe Taylor. I met Zoe at Curtin University when, as a graduate, I agreed to be her ‘mentor’ as she was studying the degree that I had completed. I wasn’t much of a mentor and mostly encouraged Zoe to just have fun and consider travelling. But I do like to feel somewhat responsible for the fact that she is now a far more accomplished writer than me and that her name is on a published book.

Stroke by Zoe Taylor

Stroke by Zoe Taylor

Ok it isn’t me at all – Zoe has a natural talent for writing and her poems are short bursts of youthful insight into life, love and death. The overall maturity of her writing solidifies her punchy and engaging voice, each poem drawing you into the story. I felt my skin react to the horrifying outcome of a son finding his father dead in Stroke, fell in love with the lustful romance between Abel and Ruth, and felt a strong connection with the failed affair of Y = X. What amazed me most was how engaged I felt with each of Zoe’s poems and my desire to read on further. I was always going to read them, but I was overwhelmingly impressed at how beautiful Zoe’s writing is.

Zoe was selected to be part of the New Voices mentorship program and you can purchase her book, Stroke, from Express Media and I believe some bookshops.