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Madrid Part 4

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Free Tours

We went on two tours run by New Europe Tours while in Madrid – the first a free three-hour walking tour that was run by a hyperactive Pom called Colin. Col showed us around Madrid with much enthusiasm and told us about the endless number of kings who ruled Madrid. It was so informative that we decided to go on the Tapas Tour that took us to four tapas bars where we had beer or sangria and sampled tapas while learning about the Spanish eating habits. It was a great way to discover the city while learning a bit of history. I always feel like such a tourist sheep on guided tours but they’re usually very enjoyable. I am thinking of applying to be a guide in Paris. Lots of people’s names and random dates to learn!

Madrid Part 2

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

The Food

It was impossible not to involve yourself in the buzzing night life – at 6pm head to Bar Number 1 and have a glass of delicious Spanish red wine (so much better than French wine but don’t tell them I said that) or Sangria. Your drink will be served with some form of tapas – chips, chorizo, olives. Still hungry? Order from the tapas menu something small to nibble on. Then head to Bar Number Two where you’ll do it all again.

Tapas hall

A large tapas hall in Madrid serving a wide range of high quality food


That's good tapas.

At around 10pm you will settle in one place, order a bottle of wine (for no more than 10 Euros) and a carafe of sangria, fill the table with fried mushrooms, spanish ham, potatoes with tomato sauce, omelette, olives, oxtail, cheese, or whatever excites you and eat and drink the night away. Before you know it, it is past midnight and you’ve eaten some of the best food of your life.

I believe Madrid has more bars than any other city in Europe – how they all survive, I don’t know. We managed to find some brilliant places to eat, full of locals enjoying themselves. It was amazingly cheap and therefore very dangerous to our livers and arteries as we stocked up on somewhat excessive amounts of alcohol and finger-lickingly good oily food. Everything was deep fried, coated in oil or served with cheese. I don’t know how the Spanish people aren’t a bunch of fatsos. No green-age on the plate, which made it a tad tricky for our vegetarian travel companions. Thankfully everywhere did patatas – fried potato with tomato sauce and/or garlic mayonnaise.


Sweet, sweet Sangria