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Damion’s Bag

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

People say that you can tell a lot about a person based on the items contained within their bag. Today in the office, we had the honour of Damion, local comedian/all-round-funny-guy’s, arrival. Damion doesn’t do entering rooms quietly. Everyone is instantly aware of his presence as soon as his key unlocks the door and he steps inside.

“Hello! Hello! How are we all?”

Damion likes sitting with the ‘Laugh Out Loud Comedy Crew,” a team consisting of Damion, Hannah (graphic designer) and myself. Mostly this ‘crew’ exists because Hannah and I listen to his stories, laugh at his jokes and do work for him in exchange for tickets to comedy shows located in towns an hour’s drive away. Occasionally another person will be involuntarily included in the mix, but whatever table we are (well, Damion is) seated at is declared as “Top Table.” An honour and beyond.

Today, upon his arrival, Damion began emptying out items from his bag and suddenly there was an array of miscellaneous goods scattered all over the desk. Hannah and I watched with amazement as the mix of items became increasingly more intriguing. I had to take a photo.

Damion's things.

Damion’s things.

An electric toothbrush, his passport, a pathetically short iPhone charging cable, an empty sticky-tape roll, a single battery, deodorant and a parking ticket. Plus Damion has the same red Moleskin diary as me, which will one day cause issue when one of us accidentally picks up the wrong one. What these items say about Damion is open to interpretation but he is clearly escaping Manchester with his toothbrush and passport in order to avoid paying his parking fine.

Happy Classroomiversary to Me!

Friday, May 9th, 2014

You know I love celebrating anniversaries. Any excuse to potentially eat cake. So here’s another one! Today is one year since I started working in The Classroom office space in the Northern Quarter. A lot has happened in that time – I have done some work, spent a lot of time checking email and being distracted by the internet, and I have met some interesting (and weird) people. The atmosphere in the office has changed over the year as different personalities have come and gone and it has grown into a fun, vibrant and friendly place to be. I really enjoy coming to work – it is far more entertaining that checking Facebook at home alone on my couch. I would have brought in cake to celebrate, however it is Friday, which means there’s hardly anyone in here because who does work on a Friday? Ah, the joy of freelance.

Working hard in the classroom

Working hard in the classroom

Characters of The Classroom – Meet Shaan

Saturday, February 1st, 2014

Everyone, meet Shaan. Shaan is one of the intriguing folk that I interact with while working in the shared office space, the Classroom. Today Shaan hasn’t been in a working mood and has spent most of the afternoon purposefully distracting other people who are trying to get things done. He has just spent the last 15 minutes asking me to have a photograph with him and he has challenged me to write a blog post about him. So here it is.

Shaan’s work days usually start at 2pm as he wanders into the Classroom with a Caffe Nero coffee in one hand and a lever arch folder under his other arm. His headphones never leave his ears even while he attempts to engage other Classroom members in drawn out conversations that usually involve him telling them that they are wrong at some point. These headphones also come in handy for his loud and over-animated phone calls with clients where he talks about the weather and engages in idle chit-chat.

Shaan drinks protein shakes and some sort of concoction involving raw eggs and milk. Today he announced that he has been photographing the development of his arm muscle growth and that I wouldn’t believe how many selfies he has on his phone. I told him that I was fairly certain I would believe it.

Shaan likes wearing hats and today he is wearing a furry eared number that he offered to give me if I called one of his clients and pretended to be him. I declined the offer and Shaan donned the fur and made the phone call himself, announcing that it wasn’t so bad after all.

Shaan is planning on getting his ear pieced on his birthday and asked for my opinion. I don’t think he liked my answer.

Meet Shaan.

Meet Shaan.

In the Office

Monday, May 13th, 2013

Exciting times in the world of Zaum, me and all things Manchester – I am writing to you from my new office space! Extraordinarily uncomfortable faux-leather dining chairs, home-related distractions and general boredom while working in my apartment have encouraged me to seek new office territory. There are a lot of small, shared studio spaces around Manchester, most offering space to work at really low prices. I signed up to join a space called The Classroom – a white walled, school-desk furnished work space that is used by freelancers of various disciplines. For £24 a month, I can come in here and use the desks, printer, kitchen, and internet on any weekday from 9am to 6.30pm. I am yet to really meet anyone but I have only been here for half an hour. It’ll happen. I can smell great potential.