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Fishing Adventures.

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

My boyfriend loves fishing while I am less keen. I become very girly and don’t like touching any slime-coated objects such as bait, the hook remover, the actual fish. Pathetic and weak, I know. I accept this but it won’t make me change. I like goldfish swimming around in a tank and that’s about as far as my love for the scaled creatures go. Sure, I think they’re pretty and cute but I don’t have any inner desires to catch and eat them. But on the weekend while in Pemberton, my boyfriend planned a day of “Make Jess Do Things She Wouldn’t Normally Do.” Off to the trout farm we went.

King trout

King Trout Fish Farm


Be very very quiet – we're hunting trout

It was great fun! There is more skill to fishing at a trout farm than I expected – I thought I would catch something on my first go but it took forever! The rules of the trout farm state that you keep what you catch at $18 a kilo so there is a risk of catching too big a fish and it being a very expensive day out. I’m quite certain I caught the biggest fish in the pond.


Introducing Sparky – King of the trout

Weighing in at 1.2 kilos I was quite impressed with my catch. I was even more impressed when Tom caught two teeny tiny fish that didn’t even compare in size.


Sparky and two inferior fish

The great thing about the trout farm is that you can pay a small fee for them to prepare the fish for you to take home and cook or they will cook them for you in their restaurant. We chose the latter option for Sparky and he turned into a delicious, although slightly overcooked, lunch.


Mmm... delicious...

It was a bit burnt, sadly, but the meat was deliciously juicy.


Mmm... juicy goodness

It was a great way to spend the afternoon as any activity ending in delicious food win my vote.

Fish bones

The end.