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Winning City

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

It’s impressive how quickly Mancunians can organise a parade. In the past year, I have witnessed two parades seemingly appear out of nowhere. When Ferguson retired as manager of Manchester United, a parade was instantly arranged in his honour and a day after the announcement people were lining the streets with Fergie flags cheering as cars carrying Man U players wound through the streets of the city. Yesterday was Parade #2 – this time for Manchester’s other football pride, Manchester City. Having officially won the Premier League on Sunday, City fans lined the blocked off streets wearing their blue scarves and watched as the team went past on a double decker bus. Stopping traffic on the main street of Manchester at 6pm on a work day is no problem for the sake of football.

I was going to a Creative Industry Networking Group meeting at Brewdog, a pub that unfortunately happens to be located on the parade route. As soon as I started making my way to the pub, I became instantly aware that my choice of red scarf (an item of clothing that I wear on a daily occasion) was perhaps not the best idea. I kept my head down and whispered, “I am not a Manchester United fan, I just happen to be wearing red!” under my breath, hoping to avoid being attacked. I survived the push through the City crowd and my friend Hannah and I managed to watch the double decker bus go past with famous football players waving to the adoring fans. We didn’t know who any of them were but they apparently kick balls dead good.

Go team!

Go team!

The highlight of the evening occurred as Hannah and I walked home from the pub past a group of workmen clearing away the barriers along the road. They were lifting metal fences onto a fork lift and one of them called out to the others, “Watch your back!” This inspired a musical performance from another workman who started singing, “Watch your back, watch your back, watch your back for good” in the style of British boy-band sensation, Take That. Pure brilliance.