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Ma Vie à Paris

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

I have realised that I haven’t written about life à Paris for quite some time. My focus has shifted to my experiments in the world of linoleum and paper and I haven’t kept you up to date with the latest and greatest happenings in Gay Paris. Times, they may be a’changin’, but I shall now redeem myself with a longwinded discussion on the ins and outs of the French capital. Vous êtes prêts? On y va!


Allow me to start with what everyone is talking about – the fact that it is now June, and therefore apparently summer, yet I am wearing pants, a long-sleeved shirt AND a cardigan. Today the sky is covered in varying degrees of grey cloud and the forecast for this afternoon is rain, rain, rain. This is seriously going to disrupt my friends’ and my plans of having a picnic by the canal. Sure, the sun doesn’t set until after 10pm these days, but that’s difficult to enjoy when you can’t actually see the sun anyway. We had a week or so of glorious sunshine and last Saturday I got sunburnt. The following day I was wearing jeans and a jumper. Something is wrong here.


France has elected its new President, Monsieur Hollande, and he seems to be fitting in just fine. I haven’t really heard much about him, nor have there been any scandals involving him and a younger woman (yet). So really, he’s quite boring and we can tell this just by looking at him. He looks like a maths teacher (or, as I have been informed by my American friends, a MATH teacher). Not that I have anything against maths teachers – they just make for fairly limp Presidents. Maybe Sarkozy will give him some hot tips on how to be a slime-ball.

In the meantime, France is gearing up for the NEXT election where they vote for their local representatives. I really don’t understand how this works because it seems candidates can stick their hand up to be a representative in any area of France that they want. I’m sure there are some rules, but it is probably just as long as you have a friend who lives in that area or you went camping there once then you can be a candidate. This has resulted in the extreme-left candidate from the Presidential election (Melanchon) challenging the extreme-right candidate (Le Pen) in an area in the north-east of France. This is risky business and could result in Melanchon not being elected which would be a DISASTER because really he’s the only candidate with any sort of human sentiment. It would also mean that Le Pen gets in and every foreigner in France will pack their bags in anticipation of their departure. Anyway, we shall see. I believe the first vote is this weekend, with the second round the following week. Exciting times.


The latest in summer fashions are in the stores and despite not having been shopping for at least three months, I can report that the style for this season is beige, beige, beige with FLURO PINK or FLURO BLUE or FLURO ORANGE. It is extraordinarily awful. The BoBos have been out in force when the sun does peak its head out from behind the clouds and big, thick-rimmed glasses are still a must.


Weird and disgusting as this may sound, the latest craze in the French food world is… American hotdogs and hamburgers. WHY?? I really don’t know. Actually, I do. While BoBos are proud of their native country and French ways, they also crave the style of New York and therefore a van driving around the city selling over priced hamburgers (on gross sweet ‘hamburger’ buns I might add) is considered to be “trés Brooklyn”. The hamburgers I can manage, but the other day I noticed a new restaurant on Rue du Faubourg St Denis that is a “New Yorkaise” style hot dog restaurant where you can buy a “real American” hot dog for 4 Euros. They even were proud of the fact that you could add fake “mustard” in your sausage in a bun. Needless to say, I haven’t tried these hot dogs and never plan to. I’m happy to stick to good traditional French food that is full of fat and cheese and cream and everything that is delicious and artery-clogging.

Life aux Récollets

Life in the convent is plodding along nicely. The next few weeks will see the departure of some residents who have become good friends. It is a hard aspect of living here – I get to meet so many great people but often they will leave after a short period of time. It is nice to know that I will have people to go and visit in Italy, the US, Canada, Poland, South Korea, Germany, Greece… But still. It would be nicer if they would just stay here.

My electricity still turns off at least once a day and the internet continues to be painfully slow. There hasn’t been much action from the ghost downstairs but I think he/she might come out when summer finally arrives. Becky and my vegie garden is growing like crazy and we will have tomatoes before we know it. We just need to build an anti-rabbit/bird/mouse/snail/monster contraption to save our plants. Something is very, very hungry and likes eating our green-leafed plants. Very annoying.

So I think that is about it. Most of you will have heard or worked out through amazing sleuth-work that I am now a single lady living in Paris. This has both its ups and downs as emotions are still quite raw and so any form of romantic liaison between people on the street can result in floods of tears. This is problem considering Paris is the city of love and sitting on every second bench or lying under every other tree are gross, soppy, lovey-dovey couples kissing and cuddling and doing all sorts of French things. I have considered going over and asking them to stop but I have refrained. Anyway, life is all about changes and growing and discovering new things, new places and new people and that is my plan. I would just like to sun to come out so that I can wear a skirt. I’m bored of pants.

I Planted the Seed that Grew the Carrot

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Gardening is fun, particularly when you’re growing vegetables that you can then eat. There’s something ridiculously rewarding about planting a seed, watching it shoot little green bits, and then turning into a fully formed plant. The best bit is when it then starts producing and you get to eat your rewards. Mmm… yum. Last Christmas, my dad bought everyone in the family presents from Bunnings because that’s the only shop he knows, and he bought me packets of seeds and a “My Little Garden” seed box. I was rather pleased with this gift and have since grown spinach, carrots, and the world’s largest, most impressive cos lettuce.

The carrots were particularly exciting because you can’t see what they’re doing as they develop under ground and then suddenly you see the top of an orange creature, pushing up through the soil. The other weekend, I finally had the courage to pick my carrots as they were clearly HUGE and were most likely poking someone in the eye on the other side of the earth. So I gathered all of my strength, grabbed hold of the greenery at the top of the plants and pulled.



I love it how if you squint, the carrots are spelling out “LOL” because that’s what I did – I Laughed Out Loud. Clearly my carrot growing skills aren’t as brilliant as I thought they might be.



Or perhaps during the night, aliens came and took over my carrots. I can’t quite explain why they decided to grow in multiple directions. Clearly they’re rebels without a cause.


I call this one Stumpy.

I insisted on trying them because what’s the point in growing carrots and not eating them? I force fed them to my family as well who all said “Mmm… not bad.” and then walked away. Yes, they were a bit bitter, and you could only eat half of them because the tops were a bit green. But they SMELT like carrots and they were crunchy and if you closed your eyes and pretended to be a rabbit then they were 100% carrot-flavoured. Just a bit funny-looking, that’s all.


Not very much carrot for about 12 weeks worth of gardening.

My Ever Evolving Opinion of Bugs.

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

So it has been brought to my attention that bugs aren’t all bad. I would like to state that while I did complain about excess bugs, my main issue with them is when they get in my house and start crawling on my things. They can live free and happily in the garden (preferably away from the gate and not in my car’s side mirror) for as long as they wish. And I’m also not one of those wimpy-girls who screams and jumps on chairs when there’s an insect around (unless it is a brown, flying cockroach. Those things freak me out.) So there we go. Anyway, according to this brilliantly compiled Garden Note from the Ag Department, those bugs I was complaining about are actually helping me grow tomatoes in my vegie patch. So come one, come all, little flying critters. Just stay outside, please.

Move Over Pumpkin Pie

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

There’s more to pumpkin than pie. That’s right, I’m talking about Jus Burger’s pumpkin burger, served on a crunchy roll with a wad of goat’s cheese and a smothering of pesto. I’ve tried their other burgers (ok, so maybe I’ve only had the chickpea once and I had a bite of the wagu with wasabi mayonnaise) and none compete. I always go back to pumpkin.

Pumpkin burger

Mmm... yum num num...

Jus Burgers has become an addiction – it was the first burger joint to really make it in Perth and now look at how many other burger restaurants are trying to get their share of the burger-eaters. I’ve only been to the Jus in Leederville and have been told by relatively reliable sources that the Subiaco version just isn’t as good. It is the perfect place to go before or after a movie at Luna – the food is consistently good, the staff are generally friendly and the service is fast. On Tuesday we had 30 minutes to order, receive, eat and leave before getting to our movie for a 6.30 start. EASY.

Highly recommended – you will get greasy, you will end up with half of your burger on your new dress and you will need a guilt-fueled trip to the gym the next day, but it’s worth it. GO PUMPKIN!

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And the Answer is…

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

This is a kohlrabi.


I HAVE seen these before! And now I know what to do with it!