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Brockholes and Clitheroe Castle

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

On Sunday Sir Pubert Gladstone and I went on an adventure driving north of Manchester to a nature reserve near Preston. A friend working in my office mentioned Brockholes as a place to visit so Pubert and I took a risk and ventured out in potentially rainy weather. Located on a junction just off one of England’s busiest roads (the M6), Brockholes is a newish development featuring some fantastic wood-panelled huts floating on a lake. Last weekend there was a vintage and craft fair with stalls selling handmade products and pre-loved items. Like most craft fairs, most of the stalls were a bit naff. But the buildings were fantastic with some very interesting roof angles, sun lights and paper-machê ceilings. 





We went for a wander around the nature reserve checking out the River Ribble and some small forested areas. Sadly the weather turned on us and we headed back to the car to escape the rain. We had contemplated eating lunch at a wood fired pizza stall but there was a long queue and they weren’t exactly producing pizzas at the speed of light. So we decided to head off on a random drive, seeing where the roads would take us. Hopefully to a nice pub.

We spotted a sign pointing to a town called Clitheroe – difficult to pronounce and sounding like a character’s name in a Jane Austin story it seemed like the perfect location for us to head to. Clitheroe was a pleasant surprise – winding streets leading to a castle on a hill. We found a café to eat some lunch at before we went for a walk to the top of the castle. From here we had a great view over the countryside until it started raining again.

Moody skies at Clitheroe Castle

Moody skies at Clitheroe Castle

View from Clitheroe Castle

View from Clitheroe Castle

It is great to be able to get out and explore England. It continues to amaze me how much there is to see in such a small space. So much history. Saying that, we drove past a sign for Botany Bay which turned out to be a shopping centre. Disappointing.

The Not So Rude Shipyard

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

After our large vegetable-filled lunch at the Blue Moon, Ben and I went and explored another area of Sheffield before heading to a café called The Rude Shipyard. A great name for a café although it certainly didn’t reflect the café itself as everyone was overly friendly and it was a wonderfully comfortable environment to be in. The café offers home made food, cakes and coffee and you can sit on couches, read books and I believe they sometimes put on concerts.

The Rude Shipyard

There's always something special about cafes on the corner of a street.

Ben and I shared two pieces of cake – a chocolate and Guinness cake and a pear, almond and pudding cake. The chocolate cake was rich and chocolaty and you could really taste the caramel flavours of the Guinness. The pear and almond cake was dense, rich and would make you explode if you ate a lot of it. I have never had a cake that was pudding consistency before and I liked it.

Cake from the Rude Shipyard

Oh yes.

The Rude Shipyard uses vintage cups and mugs to serve its drinks in and I had the absolute pleasure of using a large blue mug to drink almond tea from. It was one of the most enjoyable mug-using experiences of my life and I am now trying to find out where I could possibly source one of these mugs.

Rude Shipyard cup

The big blue cup. Find it for me!

I am desperate – it was such a beautiful thing to drink out of and was perfectly designed for tea drinking. If you know where I can find this mug, please tell me. I’ll love you forever.