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Sorry, Friends!

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Hello, hello! How are you all?

My sincere apologies for my lack of writing recently – I have, in fact, been writing a lot. Just not on here. I am averaging 2000 words a day and once I have hit that mark I tend to close my computer and go outside. That said, the last two days have seen temperatures averaging 5 degrees so my desire to go outside has heavily reduced. It is slightly warmer today. I might venture into the wilderness.

So what have I been doing in the last while, I hear you ask? And even if you didn’t ask you’re going to find out. I have been writing for the last 17 days and am quickly reaching my 50,000 word target for NaNoWriMo. Today I hit 34,434 words which is 6000 words more than I need to have written by this time of the month in order to reach my goal. I am starting to run out of things to write about Paris but usually after I stare out the window at the grey skies for a moment or two I get some sort of inspiration.

In other news, my knees are recovering from their slight mishap on Monday morning. I have two five-cent coin sized scars on my knees and they’re a dull shade of bluey-brown. I was hoping for a slightly more impressive bruise that I could show off and prove that it really did hurt but it hasn’t happened. So unfair. What’s the point of falling over if you can’t gain sympathy for at least a week? I returned to my morning jogs the day after my fall as I was determined not to let that damn Parisian paving get the better of me. I now run a little bit like a duck – flat footed and with my arms out for balance in case I trip again.

On Monday I hobbled my way up and down many flights of stairs as I caught multiple trains and walked through some of the city’s largest train stations to catch a train to Versailles. I visited my friend Louise and spent the day hanging out at her house. It was so nice to be in a homely family environment for the day. We just sat around and ate lunch, drank cups of tea and discussed the ups and downs of life. It was great. It is so nice to have friends around.

Speaking of, yesterday an American friend of mine, Sonja, arrived in Paris for a few days. She and I were English assistants together in 2006/7. She was working in a town relatively close to me and we used to meet every Wednesday afternoon in Nancy to help pass the time and make life in northern country France slightly less isolating. She and I travelled quite extensively together during that time and formed a great friendship. I hadn’t seen her since 2007 and yet as soon as she stepped off the train at Gare du Nord it was like we had seen each other every day for the past four years. She is here until Sunday so I am excited to have someone to hang out with.

Tom has some freelance development work so that’s keeping him off the street. And I am working on a project that will hopefully be exhibited in the chapel of Les Récollets on 16 and 17 December. Let’s just say there’ll be socks involved. I’ll keep you posted.

I Have Two Minutes…

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

I have about two minutes to write this so it will be short. Ready?

  1. Yesterday was Tom’s birthday. We ate cake, went up the Arc de Triomphe, and had a delicious dinner at Tom’s favourite restaurant, Le Jardin D’En Face. It was so good. I will describe more later.
  2. Today we are getting on a train and going to London for a few days. We’ll be back on Sunday. This means I don’t know if I will write anything between now and then. Don’t miss me too much.
  3. We had some more visitors from Perth and we climbed to the top of Sacre Coeur. We have done a lot of climbing lately.
  4. I have to go and pack my bags.
  5. That is all.
  6. Bye!

More Visitors

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

I’m not sure what it is – perhaps it’s me, perhaps it is my location – but all these people keep coming to visit. I’m usually quite confident that they make the effort in order to spend time with me, but once they’re here all they want to do is visit large towers or eat baguettes. I don’t understand.

Anyway, while my parents are long gone and are currently rubbing Voltaren on their sore butt muscles from excess bike-seat (they did a 12.5 hour bike ride the other day. Holy moly.) Tom’s parents have happily agreed to replace them. They are in town for 10 days and as they haven’t spent the same amount of time in Paris as my folks we’ve been hitting the hottest tourists sites with vigour. Tom’s Dad has a mobility problem so the best solution to get around involved one of the ultimate tourist experiences possible – the open top tour bus.


On the bus

Totally Tourists.

Normally I am very anti-tour bus, mostly because you look like a complete drongo sitting on top of a bus taking photos as a ‘remarkable landmark’ zooms past. However, I had to agree that it was an easy transport solution to get everyone around to see the highlights of Paris. The bus tour is divided into four separate routes and covers a large portion of the city. You get to see most of the famous parts of Paris and can get an overall feel for how the city fits together. I did enjoy one of the routes in particular as it took me to places I am yet to explore. The commentary was fairly average but I think that is due to the speed of the bus and the timing of the information. Walking tours definitely allow you to have more time to stop and learn and explore. But overall a good option for our situation.


Bus Tour

The view of the tourist

Now my Aunt and Uncle are in Paris as well so I have even more family to catch up with. I like it. Visitors are fun and generally in good moods because they’re on holidays. Makes a pleasant change to grumpy Parisians.