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When You Wish Upon a Stair

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

According to Pip’s fantastic guide book, somewhere along the ye olde wall of Chester are a set of stairs called the “Wishing Stairs.” According to the book and local myths, if you run up and down these stairs three times while holding your breath, you can make a wish and it will most definitely come true. What sort of adventurers would we be if we didn’t hunt down this stairway to our hopes and dreams and give it a go?

The book’s description of the exact location of these stairs was cryptic to say the least and they definitely were not clearly defined on the map. However, after a fair amount of sleuth work, some judgement calls and a bit of a leap of faith, we decided upon a set of stairs located near the River Dee. There was no signage to suggest that our chosen stairs were definitely the ones and the book’s description of ‘uneven steps’ didn’t really correlate with the fairly even pavement we had chosen. However, there weren’t many other options as far as stairs went and we decided they were slightly wonky.

We also made a judgement call that running all the way up and down the entire staircase three times while holding our breaths would most likely result in our deaths and no wishes would ever come true. So we mutually agreed that it would be a better idea to simply run up and down three levels of the staircase (three steps per level so nine steps in each direction making a total of 27 steps. Go maths!). Pip went first.

As Pip prepared herself for the epic climb, we were struck with our other issue for having all of our wishes come true – tourists. The wall is a popular place, particularly on a relatively sunny day in the middle of school holidays. Two girls running up and down wonky stairs in the middle of tourist traffic can cause issue. So we waited for a break in the flow and BAM! off Pip went! Up, down and back up again. Through sheer agility and physical strength, she managed to complete the challenge and could make a wish.

Then it was my turn. I will admit, I was nervous. I knew I could make the distance, but holding my breath is not one of my strong points. I am one of those people who puffs up their cheeks before diving under water and then returns to the surface gasping and spluttering. But I was determined to take this challenge on – I got ready, I inhaled, I went! I had to duck around some tourists who looked at me like I was a crazy lady but I kept on going and am proud to say that I made it up, down and back again successfully. I could make my wish and I am still waiting for it to come true.

Action shot!

Action shot!

Mural Magic

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

It is nice to see my friends doing awesome things. Miles Noel is a guy who went to school with my brother, peeled italian sausages with me at a terrible pizza restaurant in Perth and is generally super cool. He is also a painter and is growing his collection and presence within the Australian art scene. He recently did a mural on a wall in Angove Street, North Perth for the local festival and has released this time lapse video of his work. Very exciting stuff. Love it.