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Why Not?

Friday, April 13th, 2012

I am not in any way expecting to win but I figured I’d get my blog out there anyway, and I have entered myself (yes, self promotion) in the 2012 Blog of the Year Competition! So now I need you to vote for me, my lovely, fabulous, exceptionally handsome readers. Just click on the button below, head to the last page in the list of blogs, click on Zaum and bam! My love for you will exceed the tests of time.
People's Choice Award

Can it be?

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

I don’t want to speak too soon but I am going to anyway. Today I may have discovered the one bureaucratic, paperwork-related activity that is easier to do in FRANCE than in AUSTRALIA. This is essentially unfathomable and yet it appears to be the case. I am shocked to the core and while it still appears to be true I must write and tell the world. Of course, as soon as I press “Publish” and this entry goes live, someone in the French Government will read it and make up a new rule that changes everything. But for now I am happy.

In order to apply for my new Visa for France, I need police clearances from the countries I have lived in over the past three years – Australia and France. I sent my Dad on a mission to the Post Office in Perth to investigate whether or not he could apply for my Australian police clearance on my behalf or whether or not I could do it from France as I only have one week in Perth before I fly to Sydney to apply. The answer was no – I have to go to the Post Office in person, fill out a form, have a Post Office worker watch me sign it and then wait for it to come in the mail. For some very obvious reasons, such as what if I was applying for this visa in France and wasn’t returning to Australia to go to a Post Office, this is ridiculous. It is a particularly archaic method that hasn’t progressed with the rest of the world. Boo, Australia.

I was expecting worse from France and had put off the trip to the Prefecture (the local police/general authorities office) in the hope a police clearance would magically appear in my hand without me having to ask for it. Not the case. I realised time was running out and previous internet searches for how to apply for a police clearance and what exactly it is called in France had not been successful. But today I gave it one last try, googling “How do I apply for a police clearance in Paris?”. To my immense surprise, the answer came! On the Australian immigration website there was information for French people wanting to move to Australia and who would therefore need stupid pieces of paper, such as a police clearance. It provided very clear details (in English which is helpful for me but maybe not so helpful for the French person wanting to move to Australia) about how I could go to a website and apply online.

Wait a minute… apply online? For a police clearance? In FRANCE? The land of mega-paperwork, red tape and having to know the exact question to ask to get the answer you need. How on earth can France have a website that allows you to apply for a police clearance and state that by simply sending them a copy of your identity you can receive it in the mail within a few days? French people don’t know how to use the internet let alone make websites! But there it was, in its horrific nineties styling and layout, providing me with instant solutions. Oh happy day! I didn’t need to leave my apartment and hopefully within a few days a police clearance with arrive in the mail. I’m a little bit worried that they will get me confused with the other Jessica Davies who lives in France who killed her lover during a moment of passion. Hopefully they remember that she is in prison and probably doesn’t need/want a police clearance.

The Internet is a Mysterious Thing

Monday, October 31st, 2011

I was just looking at the analytics for my website (how many people are visiting my site etc) and in the past month, five people have arrived at my site after searching for “Bearded Mole”. I like this fact. I can sense a sock creature stemming from this…

What’s Been Happening?

Saturday, September 24th, 2011
Jess knitting

I've been busy knitting.

Grave apologies, friends. I know I have been terrible with my updates but I have been a little bit busy. When one is faced with the conundrum of sitting at home and writing, or finding new shops and art galleries in New York, one generally chooses the latter option. Of course I will now sit at home in Paris and tell you all about my latest adventures except I realise I have seen too much and done too many things. There is so much to tell you. So Step One involves you looking at my photographs that I have finally finished uploading on my Flickr site. Step Two involves me choosing specific things to tell you about, highlights of my past three or so weeks. So if we’re all willing to play our part we will catch up and be reunited in all that has happened in the World of Jess. Exciting times.

What is less exciting is that this morning I finally sat down and researched visas for next year and what I need to do to avoid being sent home. The results weren’t good. Apparently I can only be in the “Schengen Zone” (an invisible, make-believe area of land that was invented by nincompoops just to upset me) for 90 days every six months. That is RID-IC-U-LOUS. Sooo the idea of country hopping has been crossed off the list. I can’t renew my visa, so that isn’t an option. Problem is that I also don’t want to leave France. So we are faced with a bit of a problem. Looks like I might be going home at the end of January as the stupid French government wants me to and then I will fly to Sydney to get myself a “Long Stay Visa”. It is all just a ridiculously expensive way for them to give me another piece of paper. Problem is that I don’t really know who to talk to in France to ask questions like “Do I really need to leave France?” and “Can’t you just give me the piece of paper here?”. If anyone knows, please tell me.

Anyway, go and look at my photos and I’ll start writing things. See you soon.

Jess and Yannick

I've been busy hanging out with hippy ex-tennis players who now sing

Out of the Blue

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

I love random people meeting. I want to be instant friends with every lovely person I meet and I have another to add to my list. I spent today having lunch with Tom and Josh as it was Tuesday Lunch Club Day (we almost changed the name to Fancy Food Club because it sounds better) and then we wandered around the shops in the Marais looking for shoes. On my return home I discovered an email from a random German (yes, that’s right. A random German.) who was on a plane to Paris and had decided to send me an email! How GREAT is that! Anyhoo, she is also a sock creature maker (in other words, my competition) and the best thing about it is that her sock creatures all speak German, have German names AND probably eat wurst. Check out Bob der biber. Haha… Love it.

So, my sincere thanks to my new random German reader – this morning I was depressed about my lack of readership, so your decision to send me an email has made my day.

Oh Boo!

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

I am suddenly really sad because I have just discovered that I am not going to be in Perth for the next Census! It is on the 9 August and I’m going to be here! Not fair! I love filling out long forms full of stupid questions. I did just go online and complete the ABS Spotlight – it’s fantastic! It tells you statistics based directly on you. Very cool. You should try it!

Day 1.

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

I took my first ‘Free’ tour today. It went ok – it was a big group, it rained, an American family took forever to use the toilet… I managed to come away with some moolah but future tours will require me to squeeze more money out of those poor teenagers or it won’t be worth my while. It was fun and I managed to remember MOST of what I wanted to say. There were a few moments of “Umm… that guy’s name is… err….” but everyone seemed happy enough. I wasn’t supposed to start until tomorrow but was asked at the last minute to come in and cover. Tomorrow I am working again so we shall see how things go. I’m almost ready to hand in my notice… working takes up so much “walking around Paris aimlessly” time. Joking. Sort of.

New Europe

Spot me!

Meanwhile, I just discovered that I’m on their website! I’m so famous. Look at me!

Interesting People

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

I have been meeting some fascinating people at Les Récollets recently. Last night we went out for dinner with a Swiss mathematician, a Canadian physicist/mathematician, an American architect, and a South Korean artist.

Kim, the artist, works with staples and I have just looked at her website and it is beautiful work! Everyone go to her website and look. The Canadian physicist is John Bush who seems to be doing big things in the world of science. Something to do with water droplets… Anyway, it’s exciting. Conversation is never boring.

A Wonderful Discovery

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

I just had one of those ‘wow’ moments where something truly brilliant springs into your life out of no where. I was looking up photos of William and Kate’s wedding cake which took me to a French website that talks about make up and styling. This was already brilliant in itself, but in the side column was an ad for a website called… wait for it… Jessicurl. A girl called Jessica has set up a website providing solutions and support for those with curly hair issues. The name is genius – never before have I seen my name morphed with such grace. I think you should all pay Jessicurl a visit because apparently “we have the right to remain curly.”


Jessicurl – Love your curls

Subscriptions are Annoying.

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

Earlier in the week I wrote with a flurry of excitement that you could now subscribe to my blog. Which was true and still continues to be true, however I have now changed the subscription ‘widget’ (the little backend doovy that makes it all work) three times because the first two were useless and who knows what this one is like. So I will be in touch if I need you to re-subscribe. Apologies for that.
I’m in test mode at the moment, trying to work out how these WordPress widgets work. I’m not computer-illiterate but I can’t believe how much these this website thing is stumping me. It’s quite depressing. So stick by me while I try and work it out. In the mean time, here’s a goat.


He's German.