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Confessions of an Addict

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

I admit it. I have an addiction. A nemesis. A weakness. It is plaguing me as I write this, calling me to come and play. But no! I shall resist for now as I have already tasted its sweet, sweet pleasure today. I am making public my new addiction as I feel it is the only way I will overcome its temptations. Prepare yourself… Here it is.

Speculoos spread

A biscuit in a jar!

Speculoos spread. It’s not my fault! My inner half-dutchness requires me to consume mixed spice at least three times a week, and now that I have found it in a delicious, easy-to-spread form I am overwhelmed with desire! It is buttery, sweet, salty and full of speculaas spices – cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves… My blood will not circulate without them.

Personally, I blame a certain Canadian ex-neighbour who left me his Speculoos spread when he moved back to Montreal. Up until that point I had taken deep breaths and moved away from the Spreadable Products isle in the supermarket. But suddenly – BAM! There it was in my kitchen, all delicious and stuff. I already have to give myself pep talks on how I don’t need to eat Nutella all day every day, and now I have a second fatty deliciousness to deal with. It would be ok if the the numbers on the nutritional value table were slightly smaller. I worked out that if I were to eat a quarter of the jar then I would eat as many calories as I burn on my early morning runs. I figure that as long as I eat that quarter of a jar over a 50 minute period (the average time of my morning runs) then it’s fine. Nice and even.

Speculoos spread


Here’s the News

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Three weeks of holiday eating = 1.5 kilogram weight gain. Not as bad as I thought but I think a lot of my muscle is turning into floppy flab so numbers are deceiving. Hopefully my 7km run this morning will get things back in shape soon.

Hint of the day = job interviews in French aren’t fun if you can’t speak French. Let’s just say my nerves got to me and my French speaking ability is no where near as good as I hoped it was. I haven’t received an official “You failed” but I’m prepared for it. Shame really… the office looked really cool with dark wood panelled floors and open work spaces. Noisy though. I couldn’t concentrate and write under such conditions.

Weather in Paris = rainy, humid, cloudy and warm.

Tomorrow = Mum and Dad arrive back in Paris for the final leg of their holiday before heading back to Perth on Friday. Will be hard to say goodbye, me thinks.